Aven Pitts

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Director. Cinematographer. Storyteller.

Adventure results in the decisions you make now... not tomorrow
— Aven Pitts

Aven Pitts, an Orlando-based filmmaker, was inspired to pursue film after watching JJ Abrams' "Mystery Box" TED Talk about creative storytelling. Carrying Abrams' theory with him, Pitts' work as a director, cinematographer, and storyteller has been seen all over the world.

At the age of 23, Pitts' third short film "Three Blocks" received Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematographer, and Best Screenplay in the 2013 Action Film Challenge.

This success inspired Pitts to start SNIPPITTSproductions with Anthony Matos & Jerry McNeely.

Under the direction of Pitts, SNIPPITTS entered a 48-hour film in the 2013 Guerrilla Film Challenge. This earned Pitts & the SNIPPITTS team another Best Cinematography award for their film, "Last Chance".

SNIPPITTS went on to win The 2013 National Film Challenge's "GoPro Shootout Award" with their 72-hour Zombie film, "Al Niente".

SNIPPITTS simply loves making movies, and thats exactly what they are going to do. Want to watch them do it even closer? Find them on Facebook and Vimeo